San Martino

Viale Cesare Battisti, 3
Treviglio, BG 24027


Beppe Colleoni, owner chef, with the help of his wife Olga, founded the philosophy of the San Martino Restaurant on his personality and continuous reflection, taking inspiration from the most classic references in the approach to cooking and catering, from a self-taught position, he focused his attention over the years on the selection of raw materials, on the care of the product and of the detail, escaping the logic of the ephemeral scenography, he has concentrated on the search for purity and goodness of taste avoiding external conditioning, using technology in a way measured according to needs, investing in a private garden dedicated to the production of first fruits and flowers, rejecting the counterfeiting of flavors and eccentricity at all costs both in the way of preparing and presenting his dishes.
At the time of his maximum professional maturity, he transferred the logic of approach to his management philosophy to his children, leaving them the opportunity to enrich the proposal through enthusiasm and the search for comparison with the new expectations of customers.
During 2019 on the occasion of the 25th consecutive year of Michelin star (1994-2019), the restaurant was completely renovated in its furnishings, paths and decoration to offer customers a more contemporary and welcoming environment both from a point of view aesthetic and in the contents of the constantly evolving cuisine and curated by Vittorio Colleoni, chef of the kitchen.
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