La Palta

La Palta
loc. bilegno, 67
Borgonovo Val Tidone, PC 29011


La Palta is a family: a close-knit group that has not lost the taste for hospitality and maintains the simplicity of village life. La Palta is a restaurant that knows how to innovate with taste: explore new horizons starting from the firm roots of traditional cuisine.
A chef, a woman, a family.
Isa Mazzocchi is a cook who lives her kitchen. A chef from Piacenza and proud of it, who knows how to give flavor and liveliness to dishes. A woman who firmly believes in the family dimension of the restaurant and in the human relationship with the customer. For Isa, creativity means giving life to dishes, which is why she knows how to give typically feminine grace and concreteness to her cuisine.
From provinces to international cuisine: Isa's story could be summed up like this. But in the end it is a story that needs to be done: that of a successful female chef who has not forgotten her roots.
Welcome home.
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